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Help for Heroes was launched on 1st October 2007 to do something practical for the men and women of our Armed Forces who are wounded while serving in the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The aim of the charity is to raise money to provide a much needed swimming pool and gym complex at Headley Court. The tri-service rehabilitation centre.


In August 2007 Innovative Consultancy won the bid to design and build the new website for this new and exciting charity. The mission was to develop a clean, modern and funky site which would appeal to all demographics of society, and we are pleased with the results.


Knowledge base:


In just 7 months the charity has raised over £4.8 million towards its £6 million target. The general public have organised over 1000 events to raise money for the charity, and a team of 10 core staff have managed over 250 county coordinators. With the huge public support and Local and National media attention, the volunteers found the sustained e-mail traffic very difficult to manage so we identified the problem, developed a solution and implemented an advanced Knowledge base application designed in keeping with the charities website. But not stopping there we also integrated the Contact us forms in with the Knowledge base application so when someone starts typing a message, the system is checking for keywords in the text and matching to articles in the knowledge base. If a match is found the software then shows the author of the message the article. If they are satisfied that their message has been answered then then can continue navigating the site. If they are still unsure, then they can continue to send the message.


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The charity has been extremely pleased with the results, and since implementation 3 months ago the system has answerers 14,000 queries, many of which would have been e-mail traffic to the charity headquarters.


Help for Heroes knowledgebase




One of the major events the charity is running is a 340 mile cycle ride which travels from HMS Victory in Portsmouth, across the channel to Caen travelling through northern France and returning to London. The demanding route traces some of the region’s most significant WW1 & WW2 battle sites, including the Normandy landing beaches and Thiepval on the Somme. Some 300 riders from all walks of life are taking part in the ride which goes on for 7 days. Innovative Consultancy suggested that a forum would be beneficial for all the members of the ride to chat about bikes, training regimes and getting together to plan local rides. We based the forum on a generic package and heavily customised to blend in with the Help for Heroes brand image.


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From the start of the project the intention was to run a small Help for Heroes shop on the website. We set about sourcing the ideal software for the task and implemented a Shopping Cart integrated into the website which was then mated to Googles highly acclaimed payment system. Since launch the E-Commerce system has handled over 9000 sales.


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IT Support


From the start of the project Innovative Consultancy have been heavily involved in managing all aspects of the technical requirements of the charity, and were instrumental in securing a donation from Dell Corporation for new Desktop Computers, Laptops and top of the range printers. We have installed the local network, implemented backup strategies, advised, customised and trained staff on multiple applications and to date the system has been working flawlessly.


Graphical Design:


Throughout the project Innovative Consultancy have formed an artistic relationship with Bryn Parry to develop some truly stunning headers. Bryn sets about drawing a bear and then passes the image to our team who then painstakingly work through the night to develop a polished, fun and dramatic design.


Selection of headers:


Help for Heroes Running Bear


Help for Heroes Swimming Bear


Help for Heroes City Salute Bear


Help for Heroes Diving Bear


Help for Heroes Rugby Bear

Website Design:


We needed a very powerful design to launch this new Charity and felt that the "blokes" on the stretchers provided the perfect silhouette to emphasise what the charity was all about. We chose to use dramatic photographic images for the headers on pages of a serious nature, but use light hearted cartoon headers to add fun and interest to the site. The website is updated daily with the "In the Media" news and all event registrations are processed and then displayed on the site under the relevant county.


Innovative Consultancy have also implemented a version of its highly acclaimed Site Studio software for the charity to offer bespoke event websites for the event holders. They can order the package, login and choose from one for 8 templates with different headers for swimming, boxing, rugby etc. When they have settled on a design they fill out the page using the interface which is not dissimilar to MS Word, click save and that's it. The site is live on the website with your content and images.



Help for Heroes City Salute web page




Help for heroes expressed a wish to have two distinct newsletters, one to keep those on the cycling event up to date and another for general Help for Heroes news and announcements. Using our Send Center application we integrated subscription forms into the website and ran a monthly update. Help for Heroes were hugely impressed with the flexibility of the software, allowing then to understand who, where and when a recipient opened the e-mail. What links they clicked on and if any, all un subscribers details.


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Innovative Consultancy UK have provided the IT support for the whole Help for Heroes campaign. I really can not praise their team highly enough. They have helped transform an idea into a massive national brand and much of that success has come from their innovative use of technology. The website is appealing, beautifully designed, easy and fun to use and their use of software systems such as the Knowledge base has dramatically reduced the email traffic in the office. Their help has not been limited to the provision of the website but their team has been fully involved in all aspects of communication including the provision of all the computers systems. I honestly can not recommend them highly enough.

Bryn Parry
Founder and CEO, Help for Heroes


I wanted to write to be able to thank you for all your hard work in support of the Help for Heroes campaign. Your efforts in putting together the most excellent website are really very much appreciated, not only by Help for Heroes but by all those who have offered their help and money to the charity - the website is undoubtedly one of the main strengths of the campaign.


It was great to meet you the other day and i thank you once again for all your hard work.


With very many thanks for all you are doing for H4H and for the Army.


General Sir Richard Dannatt

Chief of the General Staff, Ministry of Defence


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