Featured Project - South Atlantic Refining Company


View Site: www.sarc.uk.com

South Atlantic Refining Company is the start of a new breed of oil refinery's. Based in Brazil they specialise in Ultra Low Sulphur diesel (ULSD) providing alternative fuels with outstanding benefits to the enviroment. We have been involved with SARC from its inception, designing the corporate logo, stationary and the new website.

Website Design:


We needed a very powerful design to compliment the new brand identity, and we feel this has been achieved with the use of dramatic but informative images and use of colours significant to the products the company works with. SARC also opted to employ Innovative consultancy to draft the sites content, with the main focus on the enviroment, community and safety.




Logo and Branding work:

Our brief was to design a new and exciting logo which would give the company a fresh identity and strong brand to match their new innovative refining techniques, our feedback was exceptionally positive.


MEG Stationary